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Hello. They call me «Lerocque». Born in the psychological depths of a sensitive guy. Manifested in a mysterious voice. For too long I’ve been suppressed. This silence has echoed too loud and too long. Now my time has come. They say talk is silver. Silence is golden. Bullshit. A true friend is like a second self. I will break this curse. For us. There are too many things weighting on my shoulders. It’s all too heavy to bear. This needs to change. Everything must change. Each whisper relieves. Every scream redeems. There are things that need to be said. Now my time has come. 

Hello. My name is Pedro Rodrigues, singer of the band «One Day Remains». Born in Portugal and raised in Switzerland. I’m enjoying a sincere life with wonderful friends and a family with strong cohesion. I am a positive and balanced guy and I like to laugh a lot. What I like to do even more is to make other people laugh. I owe many good things in my life to music. It was and will always be there for me, that’s why music’s one of the few lifelong constants. Despite a fulfilling role within «One Day Remains», I always had a gnawing desire for something that’s completely mine. Something raw, dark, profoundly honest and thrilling. This was the basic idea. To give this idea an identity, I dug into my little dusty box of memories and brought out to light the name of my alter ego, which was created when I was a teenager, and inhaled new life into it: The reincarnation of «Lerocque»!



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